An Important Message from the Team LITT Family

To Our Family and Friends:  

As you are all aware, my husband, Kristian, was diagnosed with a rare, aggressive, and incurable brain cancer in February 2022. Just a year later, on Monday, February 21st, 2023, Kristian was admitted to the ER at Johns Hopkins Hospital with excruciating headaches and nausea. After spending four days in the ICU, the doctors were able to control his pain, and Kristian is now home under the care of a Hospice medical team.  

The doctors, Kristian, the family and I have agreed that continuing further treatment will cause him more discomfort than relief, and at this time, the choice has been made to administer palliative care only, with the goal of keeping him as comfortable and relaxed as possible for his remaining days with us. 

Kristian is cognizant (witty and good-spirited as always) and is surrounded by the love and support of myself, his daughter, and immediate family. However, after numerous visitors and many difficult conversations, there has been a strong suggestion from the hospice medical team to now restrict visitors to immediate family. 

Kristian is blessed to have many close friends and has loved seeing them throughout this impossibly tough year. While our door has always been open to all, at this time, we fear the over-stimulation and the many incredibly emotional conversations he is having may cause an unwanted event that could reduce his remaining time with us.  

Starting Saturday, March 4, we will no longer accept visitors (unless otherwise directly requested from myself) and graciously ask that you please respect our family's privacy at this time.

Any additional questions can be directed to Sabrina Mogle (443-414-3178) or Chris Novashinski (410-530-4488). We will continue to do our best to keep everyone informed – please check for more updates.

As always, we are beyond grateful for all the love and support through this journey, and we cannot thank you enough for your understanding now and in the days ahead.

With Love,
Kristian’s Ride-or-Die aka Lindsey

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